Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by selecting a theme: Group, Sustainable Development, Research & Innovation, Customers & Businesses, Journalists, Shareholders or Job Candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1 : Group

How can I keep up to date with the latest Lafarge news and find out about upcoming events? How can I obtain documentation? Find useful answers to these and other questions.

FAQ 2 : Sustainable Development

Who should I contact to learn more about sustainable development? How can I receive the Sustainability Report? Click on the link to find the answers.

FAQ 3 : Research & Innovation

Find the answers to your questions about Lafarge research.

FAQ 4 : Customers & Businesses

Do you want to order cement? Would you like to contact Lafarge in your country? This section will help!

FAQ 5 : Shareholders

What are the different types of share account? How can I buy or sell shares? How can I track the Lafarge share price?

FAQ 6 : Journalists

As a journalist, who should I contact to obtain information? How can I find a photo?

FAQ 7 : Job Candidates

How can I apply for a job or an internship? Find the answer to this and other questions.

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