This section is designed to help you find your way around the site. It contains information about all the useful features on the Lafarge website, from accessibility and the effective use of search engines to navigation tools, file reading programs, site functions and more.


The website is designed so everyone, particularly disabled people, can use it easily. Find out more about navigation tools such as keyboard shortcuts, link-to-link navigation and page personalization.

Reading files

This site contains files in a number of formats, including Excel, CSV, PDF and Real Player. To read the files, you need to have the right software on your computer. This section contains links that allow you to download the software free of charge.

Shared functions

Certain functions, notably text-to-speech, RSS feed subscription, share a page or subscribe, and add to favorites, can be accessed from all pages on the Lafarge website. Learn more about these functions.

Search engines

There are a number of ways to search for information on the Lafarge website. Learn more about using our basic and advanced search engines and the dedicated engines for press kits, financial publications and videos.
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