Board of Directors


The Board of Directors of Lafarge has 18 members, of whom 10 are independent.
This structure demonstrates the Group's determination to benefit from the experiences, skills and backgrounds of a diverse group of individuals.

Bruno Lafont

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lafarge

Oscar Fanjul

Independant director, Vice-Chairman of the Board

Philippe Charrier

Independent director

Philippe Dauman

Independent director

Juan Gallardo

Independent director

Mina Gerowin

Independent director

Baudouin Prot

Independent director

Hélène Ploix

Independent director

Michel Rollier

Independent director

Christine Ramon

Independent director

Véronique Weill

Independent director

Transactions in Lafarge shares by directors and executive officers

Find out the transactions in Lafarge shares carried out by the Group's directors and executive officers in 2013 and up to date.

Last declaration of Bruno Lafont

  • On April 28th, 2009, Bruno Lafont subscribed to the cash increase in share capital with preferential subscription rights for the unit price of 16.65 euros at the rate of six new shares for 13 previously held shares.
  • On December 6, 2007 Bruno Lafont exercised stock options which he was granted in 1997. In so doing, he exercised his right to buy Lafarge shares at a price of 50.19 euros per share, a right which was given to him for a period of 10 years by the Board of directors in December 1997 and which he exercised just before the expiry date in December 2007. He therefore bought Lafarge shares, but did not sell any of these and did not make any capital gain.
    Bruno Lafont exercised these stock options in accordance with the law and in a transparent manner, with a declaration made to the AMF on the same day, as is the case when any stock options are exercised.

Programmed trading mandates

Information on the signing of programmed trading mandates consistent with Recommandation n° 2010-07 of the "'Autorité des Marchés Financiers.

Board of Directors

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