Take a minute to find out about the world leader in cement, from market expansion and our international presence to details about the flagship products of the Cement Business.

Business overview

Discover the main features of the Cement Business, including sales figures, workforce and our locations around the world.

Completed projects

Works of art, cable-stayed bridges, residential buildings... discover some of the buildings and infrastructures that have been built around the world with Lafarge products.


Learn all about the strategy of the Cement Business: information on investment plans, development strategies and growth perspectives.

All about cement

Find out everything there is to know about cement, from the history of the material and its manufacturing processes to its specific technical vocabulary.


This brief presentation of Lafarge's product range includes the latest cement innovations and flagship products.

Industrial ecology

By using recycled waste, Lafarge reduces its natural resources' consumption and CO2 emissions to offset the impact on the environment.


Use our seach engine to find all the companies in Lafarge's Cement Business around the world.
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Lafarge in your country

Select your country and your theme of interest to access the details of the Lafarge contact most suited to your needs.

Building better cities


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