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Lafarge commitments

Lafarge is committed to help young architects through training programs. The Group also works to preserve heritage.

Training future architects in affordable housing with Studio+

Studio+ is a project launched by the Group in December 2011. The principle is to make future architects work with various construction materials and, with Lafarge's help, find construction systems capable of responding to the challenges of affordable housing.


For 2011 and 2012, Studio + is targeting schools located in France, India and Romania:

  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Paris-Belleville - Paris, FRANCE
  • Sir JJ College of Architecture - Mumbai, INDIA
  • "Ion Mincu"  University of Architecture and Urbanism - Bucharest, ROMANIA

Four other countries are currently being studied: North America, Brazil, Egypt and China.


In each country, students can follow academic courses tailored to local challenges, enhanced by the interventions of well-known local architects such as Anne Lacaton (France) and Françoise Pamfil (Roumanie).

Partnerships with architecture schools

Lafarge contributes to the future architects' education through partnerships with prestigious schools across the world :

  • Tongji University, in Shanghai;
  • Columbia University, in the United States;
  • Paris La Villette and Villepinte, in France.

Lafarge and heritage preservation

Lafarge has an active partnership with architects, both contemporary and those working to preserve heritage. The Group believes it is vital to work with architects involved in preservation. The aim is to work together to develop products, applications and solutions for renovation and preservation by jointly carrying out emblematic experiments and projects.

Lafarge's many heritage preservation commitments include:

  • Research programs carried out with the "Cercle des Partenaires du Patrimoine";
  • Active participation in the  "Fondation du Patrimoine";
  • Sponsorship initiatives in France and abroad. A good example of this is the renovation of the Eileen Gray Villa E1027, entrusted to head architect for historic monuments Pierre Antoine Gatier, the first Richard Morris Hunt Fellow in 1991;
  • Funding of the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship (RMHF).


Le Corbusier, Firminy, Lafarge


FAQ 1 : The Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship (RMHF)

Lafarge funds the RMHF program, a grant set up in 1990 and managed by the American Architectural Foundation (AAF) and the French Heritage Society (FHS).

Each year, the RMHF panel alternately nominates a French or American Fellow based on their professional qualities, projects and potential to become a leader in their profession.
This very coveted international fellowship is aimed at French and American architects in mid-career, specializing in the field of preservation and fluent in French and English.

For 6 months, the Fellow can draw on a budget of 25,000 dollars to travel, attend conferences, plan visits and arrange meetings with great architects, engineers and preservation professionals.
Winners can also use the program to observe and practice the most modern preservation techniques from each country visited. So far, 25 American and French Fellows have been reward by this unique program.
This year, the American Malcolm Woollen was named 2015 Fellow for his study on the way French landscape architects introduce an awareness of history into everyday places, including parks, highway rest areas, and pedestrian corridors. In so doing, he hopes to further explore how historic preservation can creatively use landscape architecture to highlight traces of structures and landscapes that have disappeared thus developing new strategies for connecting people with our shared cultural histories. 

FAQ 2 : The Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, in Paris

Since February 2010, Lafarge partners with the "Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine" in Paris. This is an opportunity for the Group to continue its work into the new challenges of urban planning in association with the world of architecture.



FAQ 3 : The Louvre

Lafarge is a partner of the Musée du Louvre since 1995. Originally, the Group took part in scientific collaboration operations, offering the help of its R&D center for heritage preservation purposes.
More recently, Lafarge acted as a sponsor for the new Islamic Arts department, designed by Rudy Ricciotti and Mario Bellini. Lafarge also contributes to its construction through the use of its materials. The grand opening is due in June 2012.

FAQ 4 : The Fondation du Patrimoine

Willing to strengthen its involvement in the local communities where it operates, the Group signed a five-year sponsorship convention with the French Fondation du Patrimoine in 2006. During this period, 20-odd heritage preservation and promotion projects were supported by Lafarge.
Building on this success, Lafarge renewed its partnership with the Fondation du Patrimoine early 2012 for five more years. Three projects in France have already been selected for sponsoring.

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