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Our Sustainability Ambitions 2012 program came to term at the end of the year. Almost all the objectives were achieved and contributed to the integration of sustainability into our business processes and strategic orientations. We have built on this program to develop our Sustainability Ambitions 2020, an even more ambitious plan to make a net positive contribution to society. Their implementation will be localized in 2013 and the reporting will start as soon as 2014.

2012 Sustainability report

The Sustainability report allows the Group to provide its stakeholders with an accurate and measurable outlook of its commitments. A transparency-oriented reporting approach which underlies Lafarge's sustainability ambitions since 2001.

The 2012 issue includes:

  • the advances made during the year on the four pillars structuring our 2020 Sustainability Ambitions: Building communities, Building sustainably, Building the Circular Economy and Governance;
  • examples of best practices achieved by the Group;
  • the Group's public positions and commitments;
  • the reporting methodology used by Lafarge to monitor its performance;
  • comments from the stakeholder panel.

Reporting methodology

In 2007 the Group carried out a revision of standards for sustainable development data to take into account the requirements of GRI G3. These were rolled out in 2008. In 2012, the Lafarge Sustainability reporting has received an A+ grading for the 5th consecutive year - evidence of the quality and performance of the Group in this area.



FAQ 1 : Building Communities

By their nature, the Group's sites have a long-term presence. Therefore, Lafarge is committed to promote a constructive collaboration between the plants and local communities. Find out more about the projects carried out by the Group...

FAQ 2 : Sustainable construction

Lafarge believes that the performance of a building begins from its design stage. In order to offer solutions upstream in the value chain, the Group focuses on innovation and documented a set of 30 concrete-based Efficient Building™ Systems. Find out more about the Group's commitments and progress in sustainable construction...

FAQ 3 : Circular economy

FAQ 4 : Governance

FAQ 5 : Performance indicators and audit

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