In the short term, the target is to open the first Romanian cancer prevention center, equipped with modern world standard technology and to affiliate the center to international networks of similar centers.
In the medium term, the project aims to develop a network of such centers accross Romania. The first center would be used as a pilot to train medics who would then operate the other centers. This Romanian network, internationally open, would benefit from bilateral exchanges of trainees, access to modern technology and procedures, and would help lead to an international recognition of Romanian oncology research.
In the long term, the objective is to significantly improve the level and efficiency of cancer prevention and treatment of early cancer stages in Romania, in a system accessible to the whole population.


In order to help this important project - the first of this kind in Romania - S.C. Lafarge Arcom Gips S.A. donated plasterboard, metallic structure and other construction materials for the renovation of the building.


Thanks to these materials, the interior renovation of the center could begin.

Total cost

Donation in kind.

Persons concerned

Popescu Sebastian - General Manager, Mihai Mernea - Sales Manager, Marinela Sion - Production Line Manager, all the medics members of the Association for Cancer Prevention.


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