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Biodiversity is essential to everyone, but has been declining in recent decades as a result of human activities. Operating over 720 quarries worldwide, we are strongly committed to preserving biodiversity. Locating, managing and rehabilitating our quarries in a way that can both protect and enhance biodiversity is also an essential part of our license to operate.


FAQ 1 : Lafarge Biodiversity Strategy

Our Biodiversity Strategy has been developed during our partnership with WWF and in close consultation with our International Biodiversity Panel. This strategy explains how we are reducing biodiversity risks and exploiting opportunities to enhance biodiversity, to move towards achieving our new aspiration to have a Net Positive Impact on local biodiversity. This means improving habitat types compared with the pre-site situation through our rehabilitation efforts. Our strategy also includes commitments related to opening new quarries in protected areas, a first for our sector!

Test your knowledge

What is rehabilitation?

A. People returning to live in a deserted or abandoned area.

B. Restoring land after human activities.

C. The place where pollution addicts are sent.

What is a habitat?

A. The natural and physical space that an organism needs to survive.

B. A furniture store selling ecological items only.

C. A passive energy house or building.

What is biodiversity?

A. A nutritional diet based on fruit and vegetables.

B. A synonym of sustainable agriculture.

C. The natural variety of living organisms existing on our planet

What is an ecosystem?

A. The abbreviation of “economic system”: a financial marketplace.

B. A biological community and its physical environment.

C. A production process respectful of nature.

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