World Earth Day - Lafarge at the forefront of the industrial response to climate change

Earth Day is an opportunity to emphasize Lafarge's commitment to the environment, and particularly the fight against climate change, by presenting a little-known aspect of our climate strategy – our role as a leader within professional organizations in our sector and in industry. Our aim is to play an active role in the sector's mobilization in order to develop good practices in CO2 emissions reduction and energy efficiency of buildings.


A role as leader within national and international organizations

Given the global nature of climate change, we cannot act alone. A collective response is vital. That is why Lafarge participates actively in mobilizing the whole of its sector and industry in general. We are a driving force in a large number of trade and employer organizations at a national, European and international level (see box).



of the world’s energy use is due to buildings

The purpose of these organizations is to work with politicians to construct a legal framework which does not create unfair competition and allows companies to develop innovative programs to combat climate change.


Vincent Mages, Climate Change Initiatives VP, adds: "We promote four key requirements to effectively combat climate change: collaboration, as our message will carry more weight if we act together; measurement of emissions, to assess our progress and be credible; policy stability, to allow companies to establish long-term innovation programs; and finally profitability, since no innovation can be implemented without the prospect of a financial return!"


Practical results already visible

"The CSI has maintained a leading role to support the reduction of carbon emissions by the sector. Such an approach is even more important in this year of the COP21, which provides the opportunity for a global roadmap that is more ambitious in its objectives."

Bruno Lafont, Chairman & CEO of Lafarge and co-Chairman of the CSI

Initiatives carried out by Lafarge within trade and sectorial organizations have already produced practical results:

  • To improve reporting of the sector's CO2 emissions, we have contributed to the development of the CO2 Protocol in collaboration with members of the CSI (Cement Sustainability Initiative). This document allows cement manufacturers to measure their progress and give their commitments greater credibility. In 2015, the results of an independent audit have demonstrated that this collective approach helps considerably to improve cement manufacturers' sustainable development practices (read the press release).
  • To develop practical solutions to improve buildings' energy efficiency, we are fully committed to "EEB 2", the second stage in the Energy Efficiency in Buildings initiative which demonstrated the major role played by a building's energy efficiency in the fight against climate change.
  • To encourage companies to innovate, we have worked with public authorities to shape implementation of policies to remove subsidies for fossil fuels and set a value for carbon.

Our Climate Strategy

For Lafarge, "Climattitude" is a mindset illustrated by its initiatives to fight climate change:

  • It means both contributing to reducing emissions of an increasingly urban society by innovating in the energy efficiency of buildings and building better, more compact and more sustainable cities.
  • It means reducing our direct CO2 emissions per ton of cement produced through industrial performance, research and development programs as well as the use of renewable energies.
  • Finally, it means promoting a responsible Energy & Climate policy to companies and governments.