White cements

To achieve architectural and aesthetic projects that make cities more beautiful, our white cements are a perfect solution. Based on advanced technology, they can produce white precast concrete for urban furniture, flooring or structural elements, but also white or colored mortar that give character to the facades of houses and buildings.


White cement is a hydraulic binder whose physical characteristics correspond to those of Portland grey cement. It is distinguished by its pure white color. This whiteness is the result of nature, as well as the rigorous selection of raw materials used in manufacturing and a technologically advanced production process.


The light and luminous color of Lafarge white cements makes them particularly well suited to uses where appearance is of prime importance. For example, they are used to manufacture white or colored mortars which cover the façades of private homes and multi-storey buildings.


Lafarge white cements are also used in the composition of white cement concrete. This can be used to create all shapes and colors and is highly prized by architects and urban planners. It is used in precast elements such as:

  • architectonic concrete,
  • internal or external floor coverings,
  • façade elements,
  • street and garden furniture,
  • the construction of swimming pools.