USA - Lafarge volunteers teach local school children about nature

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Lafarge volunteers at the Presque Isle Quarry have put into place a novel program to allow local students to discover the full life cycle of the Chinook salmon which breeds in waters crossing the quarry’s property.



  • The students get to see the full life cycle of the Chinook salmon one of the Great Lakes aquatic species.


Every September, volunteers from Lafarge's Presque Isle quarry in the Great Lakes area in the USA visit a local school to make a presentation on the quarry's operations and on the life cycle of the Chinook salmon, which breads in waters crossing the quarry's property.

About 30 students then visit the Quarry early October to observe the spawning salmon.
Later the students receive fertilized eggs which they take care of, making sure the water quality is maintained by monitoring the oxygen level, ammonia level and the water temperature. During this time they also remove any non-viable eggs and feed the new fingerlings (very young fish). Finally, students release the fingerlings the following spring into a local river, allowing them to migrate to nearby Lake Huron.


  • Students have the opportunity to learn hands-on about the life cycle of this important local aquatic species.
  • They also see how industrial operations can co-exist in a harmonious manner with nature.