United Kingdom: the Hepworth Gallery in Agilia®


On the River Calder in Wakefield, near Leeds in the United Kingdom, stands the Hepworth Gallery, an art gallery resembling a floating fortress. Its imposing structure, created from Agilia® concrete, partly rests on a "raft-slab" supported by around 100 submerged pillars.


The quality of finishes provided by the Agilia® self-placing concrete gives the art gallery's external walls a unique appearance. This Agilia® formulation, enhanced with a purple-gray pigment, required the development of a specific casting technique, previously untested in England, in order to obtain a consistent color throughout the structure.


The gallery extends over a total surface area of 5,000m²and is the largest gallery built in the UK in the last 50 years!

United Kingdom, the Hepworth Gallery in Agilia®