UK: diving boards for the 2012 Olympic Games made from Agilia®

Let's take a plunge into the London 2012 Olympic Games from July 27th to August 12th with Agilia®, the self-placing and self-leveling concrete from Lafarge!


The Aquatics Centre, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, features Olympic diving boards made from concrete, for which Lafarge supplied 600m³ of Agilia® Vertical. This material, which has been specially designed for vertical constructions, was selected by Balfour Beatty, the company responsible for the project, after several months of testing in the laboratory and on-site. It offered several strong advantages:

  • its fluidity, offering very precise implementation and a high-quality finish;
  • its adaptation to the constraints of the worksite - delivery at night to avoid any delays due to traffic.


After the 2012 Olympic Games, the Aquatics Centre will be used by the local community, clubs and schools, as well as high-level swimmers.

Diving boards for the 2012 Olympic Games, UK