Thermedia®, a new generation of insulating concretes

What if concrete could help cut buildings’ electricity bills and make cities greener and more sustainable? With our range of insulating concretes Thermedia®, it is possible. Their formulation improves insulation and energy performance of residential buildings and office space by reducing heat loss.


The new range of Thermedia® concretes is boosting buildings' energy performance by giving concrete a new role in the construction system: to reduce heat loss.


Thermedia® 0.6 B is the first product in the range and offers advantages in terms of sustainable construction:

  • it reduces heating and air-conditioning costs,
  • it cuts energy consumption of a building.


It is also fluid and very workable making it a material which is very easy to use, while retaining the properties of a traditional concrete (mechanical, acoustic, earthquake resistance, durability, shrinkage and fire resistance).


[GRI G4-EN7]