Our Stakeholders

We believe that regular, constructive stakeholder engagement is key to achieving our business objectives and to our positive contribution to society and nature. We define our stakeholders as persons who have influence over our activities as well as persons impacted by our activities.


Our workforce

Our people are key to our business transformation. We run programs to promote skills development and enhance diversity and inclusion throughout our organization. We also engage in regular employee dialog at country, regional and international levels.


Our local communities

Our neighboring communities must thrive if we want to ensure the long-term development of our operations. This is why we meet regularly with local stakeholders and our sites undertake a range of community programs to help promote local socio-economic development.


Our suppliers

We expect our suppliers to apply the same sustainable development principles as we do. A sustainable supply chain is critical to enhancing our operational performance and delivering on our business objectives. We work closely with suppliers in assessing and improving their sustainability practices.


Our clients & end-users

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our activity. Product development, innovation strategy, industrial performance, Health & Safety: we work in close partnership with customers and specifiers for the development of innovative, sustainable construction solutions that meet their needs and contribute to building better cities.


Public authorities

We operate in an increasingly complex business environment, with ever stronger regulatory constraints that can impact our activities. We are therefore engaged in a permanent dialogue with public bodies at local, national and regional levels, to contribute in a transparent manner to the elaboration of public policy.


Our shareholders & investors

Our shareholders and investors are the backbone of our business: they provide us with the financial support necessary to evolve as a Group. In return, they expect from us transparency and frequent communication. We give regular updates on our business strategy and financial situation, through dedicated communications tools, shareholder meetings and investor roadshows.