Spain - Water treatment plant to recycle quarry wastewater


Cement / Spain

Lafarge's cement plant in Sagunto, near Valencia, installed special equipment to treat water used for both industrial and sanitary purposes at its quarry. This has a twofold benefit: reduced water consumption and less fugitive dust onsite.



• Reduce fresh water consumption by using treated waste water
• Use this water for dust abatement in the quarry, improving working conditions for quarry employees


Our Sagunto cement plant near Valencia in Spain decided to install a wastewater treatment plant in its quarry, to meet part of the quarry's process water needs. The site is located in a region of water scarcity and the reuse of treated water for specific activities was therefore one way of reducing the plant's use of this precious local resource. 
The water treatment facility features two main parts:

  • Oxidation treatment system for sanitary wastewater
  • Oil & hydrocarbon separator for wastewater coming from the workshops used for cleaning quarry equipment.


This equipment allows the quarry to clean wastewater and re-use it for industrial purposes. Thanks to the water treatment plant, 600m³ of wastewater are recycled in this way every year. The water is then used in operations such as road spraying, reducing fugitive dust in the quarry.


The quarry's annual water consumption has been reduced by about 600m3.