South Africa: the Group’s new head office


The 270 employees working at Lafarge's head office in South Africa are now enjoying their new premises north east of Johannesburg.


The buildings, constructed using the Group's solutions, required:

  • 345 tons of cement - PC+ CEM II/A-M (V-L) 42.5N;
  • Lafarge Ceiling grid and plasterboard covering 5,500m² ceiling space;
  • 1,500 linear meters of Lafarge partition systems (Plasterboard, Metal Studs & Track);
  • 35m³ of Artevia® Polished concrete for the entrance hall. 


Also reflecting the Group's commitment to sustainable construction, the buildings incorporate high energy performances components:

  • thicker tinted glass for the windows providing better thermal insulation (cooler offices in summer and warmer in winter);
  • motion sensors to replace switches, etc.