Serbia – Lafarge helps boost local employment with the Beočin Business Park




Beočin Business Park is a non-profit project initiated by Lafarge in Serbia at its Beočin cement plant. The project was launched to attract new investors into the region and thereby help reduce local unemployment, increase production and exports and contribute to local economic and social development. Today there are 4 investors, employing 350 people from the local community.



• Attract new investors and create jobs to support the municipality's social and economic development.
• Strengthen our ties with the local and national communities.


The Beočin Business Park is a project initiated by Lafarge in Serbia with the aim of attracting investors to start their own business in our industrial zone. Lafarge felt it was important to support new companies by giving them access to competitive services and welcoming them in the 18 hectares of land on the bank of the Danube within the plant area.

The project offers investors:
- Infrastructure: Gas supply, power lines...
- Shared Service Center: legal assistance, administrative support...


The project represents an investment in the future of the community and ensures its vitality.
This partnership of Lafarge and the Municipality of Beočin realized through the Business Park Project is one of a kind in Serbia. It represents a confirmation of the values Lafarge supports and an actual contribution to a better life for the citizens in the municipality.


There are currently 4 investors, which recognized the benefits and already operate within the Beočin Business Park. These companies employ 350 people from the local community. Negotiations with new investors are on-going, while Lafarge works in parallel on enlarging the space available.