Serbia - The first waste treatment installation in the country

Cement / Serbia

Lafarge's cement plant in Beočin started the first of its kind waste co-incineration facility in Serbia. This installation has increased the share of alternative fuels in the plant's energy mix and offers a service to the local community, allowing for safe waste disposal.



• Reduce the share of fossil fuels in the plant's energy mix
• Increase the long-term profitability of the activity, with no additional impact on the environment
• Contribute to the development of waste recycling in Serbia


Lafarge's cement plant in Beočin (Serbia) installed a waste preparation and co-incineration facility, the first of its kind in Serbia. This followed an agreement signed with the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Planning setting the conditions for the use of certain waste streams.
The 24,000 t/year capacity installation allows the use of pre-selected, chopped and shredded solid municipal and industrial waste as alternative fuel under controlled conditions in the process of co-incineration.


Today, the plant substitutes around 40% of fossil fuels with alternative fuels, 11% of which are generated from the waste preparation and co-incineration facility. This has allowed it to lower its consumption of non-renewable energy and has reduced both fuel costs and CO2 emissions.