Russia - Reducing dust emissions


Cement/ Russia

Lafarge invested in new dust-filtering equipment at its Korkino plant in the Urals, as part of a major plant upgrade. This system reduced stack dust emissions at the plant by a factor of 10.



  • Reduce the environmental impact of the cement plant on the local area
  • Improve plant performance


Lafarge decided to replace the electrofilters at its Korkino cement plant in the Ural region, with the aim of reducing dust emissions. This significant investment was part of a comprehensive program to modernize the plant, in order to:

  • improve energy efficiency
  • reduce environmental impact
  • improve productivity.

Lafarge's Korkino cement plant, located near Chelyabinsk in the Ural region, comprises mills, silos and two main kilns. The plant's electrofilters had been in use since the 1960s.
We acquired the plant in the mid-1990s and today it is the biggest producer in the region, having doubled its production since acquisition. Improvements made to the plant therefore benefit the local area significantly.


The installation of the new equipment reduced stack dust emissions by a factor of 10.