Romania: the largest wind farm in Europe

In order to supply cities with energy, you sometimes need a simple gust of wind and it’s done!  In Romania, we supplied the concrete required for the construction of the largest on-shore wind farm in Europe, a source of significant renewable energy!


In the South-East of Romania, the landscape has changed. Fântânele & Cogealac communities’ inhabitants have seen 240 wind turbines growing on a 1,100 hectares surface. This on-shore wind farm, the largest in Europe, produces 600 megawatts in total and supplies more than 400,000 households with clean energy!

Ultra series®, a blowing concrete!

Building such facility was not a straightforward matter: for one turbine only, the foundations require three layers of various concretes. The builders have relied on Lafarge! Our Ultra series® range took up the challenge by offering higher performance and fluidity than standard concretes. 140,000 m³ in total were supplied to cast the foundations of the wind turbines thanks to two mobile plants installed on site.


With the European objective to produce 20% of its electricity consumption from renewable energies by 2020, Romania has the means to become one of the best in class and contribute to the construction of more sustainable cities

Wind farm, Romania