Reunion - An innovative project to protect unique local biodiversity

Aggregates / Reunion Island

Lafarge has built a new river crossing between two sites at its Pierrefonds aggregates quarry on Reunion Island, to minimize impacts on local aquatic species in the protected Saint Etienne River.



  • Limit the impact of our operations on local biodiversity
  • Protect a biological corridor of great heritage value


Lafarge has built a new river crossing at its Pierrefonds Quarry, between an existing treatment site and a new extraction site either side of the protected Saint Etienne River on Reunion Island. This has been done to minimize impacts on aquatic species from trucks travelling between the two sites.

Following innovative and extensive research, construction work was undertaken to rebuild an existing track that went through the river. In particular, new more appropriate culverts, or pipes, were designed and constructed, to safeguard the passage of migratory fish and macro-crustaceans - including some IUCN Red List species - under the track.

Ongoing monitoring is being undertaken every 3 months to ensure the effectiveness of the new measures. This work has involved engineering consultants specialized in hydrology and aquatic species biology, as well as consultation with local fishermen and other local stakeholders.


Monitoring has demonstrated the effectiveness of this new river crossing - good crossing conditions have been shown for all kinds of aquatic species. This initiative has been recognized as the first of its kind on Reunion Island and has enhanced our license to operate.


Lafarge Pierrefonds quarry - the Biodiversity case study in detail (pdf, 175.24 KB)