Stakes and strategy

Meet the needs of the entire construction value chain (industrial clients, distributors, buyers, builders) through innovative building solutions tailored to each market: such is the objective of Lafarge's innovation approach.To reach this goal, our researchers work on varying scales: from the molecular structure of materials to large metropolitan areas like Chongqing and its 30 million residents! Our aim: to tackle the major challenges of construction in order to build better cities!


Innovation on every level

Our innovative approach covers the entire construction value chain:

  • We innovate at the microscopic particle and microstructure level to better understand the behavior of our materials (resistance, fluidity, durability) and predict how they will perform in a product, building system or building.
  • We innovate at the materials level, by developing new cement, concrete and aggregate products, including the following:
    • Durabric, our cement binder used to make earth-cement blocks to build affordable housing;
    • OneCem, our new low-density drilling cement for the oil and gas industry;
    • Aether, our cement offering 30% lower carbon emissions;
    • Ductal®, our ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), offering aesthetics and high mechanical strength;
    • Aggneo, our range of recycled aggregates.
  • We innovate at the building systems level, by combining our materials and pairing them with other components for improved performance (e.g., lightweight facades insulated with our ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) Ductal®).
  • We innovate at the buildings level, by developing revolutionary concepts in terms of housing (e.g., the Hauts Plateaux vertical housing estate in Bègles, France) and environmental performance (e.g., the ABCD+ house).
  • We innovate at the city level, by using our building solutions to respond to the challenges of urbanization: housing, urban sprawl, environmental performance and durability, aesthetics, transport, and energy infrastructure. We are currently working to build the new ecological city Zenata, Morocco's first eco-city!