Philippines - Offering career support to engineers


Since 2004, Lafarge's Cadet Engineer program has enhanced the training of young Filipino engineers. A follow-up program now helps them to better manage their careers.



  • Train young engineers in working with cement;
  • Encourage and help engineers to build a career in the company;
  • Develop and promote employee talent.


Aimed at young engineers graduating from Filipino universities, Lafarge's Cadet Engineer Program allows them to acquire specific skills in relation to building materials.

In a continuation of this initiative, the Cement Business has established a system for helping engineers to progress and to build a career in the company.


To achieve this, 2 tools have been created:

  • The Engineer's Career Path enables young engineers to adopt a career strategy by identifying the skills they will need at each stage in their progress. Follow-up, carried out in coordination with their direct supervisors, regularly analyzes what they have learnt and what they need.
  • The Young Engineer Exchange Program is a knowledge-sharing system. Currently, 2 Filipino engineers are working in Lafarge cement plants in Malaysia, while Lafarge Philippines is hosting their counterparts. The initiative has created a real network of experts in Asia, while encouraging mobility.


These programs encourage recruitment of new talents by demonstrating that Lafarge offers real career opportunities. Since 2004, 56 cadets have taken part in the program and 40 of them have joined the company.

This first experience-sharing project in Malaysia has generated enthusiasm and many engineers have put themselves forward for it.


The structure put in place is very flexible. It can be adapted to other subsidiaries, as well as other Group divisions.

People concerned

  • Lafarge engineers in the Philippines;
  • Cecill Sese, the subsidiary's training manager.