Our innovations presented at Osons la France

Lafarge is partnering Osons la France, taking place from December 4th to 7th at the Grand Palais in Paris. The aim of the event is to create a forum for meetings and discussions about the French economy and entrepreneurship. We presented a number of innovations and achievements at the event demonstrating what boldness means for Lafarge: reinventing ourselves each day to achieve our ambition of building better cities.


Who would have thought that one day concrete would be chosen for its aesthetic characteristics? Our research teams, that's who! Concrete may not have evolved much over the past 200 years, but we have reinvented it, particularly with Ductal®. The delicacy and fluidity of this high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete brings to life architects' creativity, from the famous latticework of the MuCEM in Marseille for example, to the opaque white concrete envelope of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in the Bois de Boulogne.


  • Boldness means reinventing how we build

Who said there was only one way to construct a building? Our research teams have proved otherwise! In Malawi, for example, we have launched Durabric®, a cement-earth solution allowing the construction of affordable, resilient and environmentally-friendly housing. In Bègles, France, our "Hauts-Plateaux" project is paving the way for a completely new form of housing: real detached houses, one on top of the other, in a vertical housing project.


  • Boldness means reinventing our businesses and developing new ones

Who would have guessed that one day cement plants would extend their expertise to recycling? We believed it and now reuse municipal waste as a source of energy to feed our kilns. Our El Sokhna plant in Egypt, for instance, disposes of waste from the city of Cairo in a safe and environmentally-friendly way while providing a reliable supply of high-quality alternative fuels.