Office buildings

Building offices is a significant investment. As developers and contractors, maximizing usable space, putting your offices on the market quickly and obtaining globally recognized green building accreditations to attract clients are absolute musts for your profitability. Lafarge can help you! We have a wide portfolio of innovative cement, concrete and aggregates solutions, building systems and services for quicker jobsites, state-of-the-art environmental and thermal performance and maximized usable space in your mid- and high-rise office buildings.


When designing, contracting or developing an office building, a number of key factors play a crucial role in the business success of your construction project:

  • Putting the offices on the market as soon as possible, for an early return on investment,
  • Maximizing usable space to optimize the profitability of your project,
  • Adding value to your office construction projects through acknowledged green building labels (LEED, BREEAM, HQE, etc.),
  • Featuring the best environmental and thermal performance, to meet the local standards and limit usage costs for your customers.

Lafarge is your partner in addressing each of your construction priorities


We maximize the industrialization of your jobsite to help you gain time in the construction process

  • Easy on-site assembly with optimized manpower, with the help of our wide portfolio of precast concrete solutions.
  • Accelerated construction of multi-storey buildings with our rapid strength concrete Chronolia®.

We help you make the most of available space and contribute to the profitability of your building

  • Thinner structural elements with superior strength, even in high-rise constructions, by using our advanced concretes.
  • Taller, more technical buildings designed to fit in tight city spaces, thanks to our high performance concretes (HPC).

We can help you obtain the most demanding green building accreditations (LEED, BREEAM, HQE, etc.)

  • Reduced energy consumption and heating & cooling costs with our selection of Efficient Building Systems, combining our cement, aggregates and concrete solutions with other insulating components to create energy-efficient construction elements (walls, floors, roofs, etc.)
  • Lower temperatures and cooling costs, with our light-colored concretes with high Solar Reflective Index (SRI), such as our decorative concrete Artevia®, which reflect heat rather than absorb it. 
  • Improved water management through our new generation pervious concrete Hydromedia® for the surroundings of office buildings.
  • Our green roof solutions that reduce energy consumption, lower the heat island effect and improve the water management of your office building.
  • Our Lafarge building consultants, who work with you at the design stage to find the right combination of products and systems to attain green building accreditations.