Executive committee


The future Group executive committee


Apart from the future Executive Committee, the following direct reports of the future CEO have been selected under project mode:

  • Strategy and M&A, Christof Haessig, currently in charge of Corporate Finance and Treasury at Holcim;
  • Communication, Public Affairs and Sustainable Development, Alexandra Rocca, currently in charge of Communication, Public Affairs and Sustainable Development at Lafarge;
  • Legal, Xavier Dedullen, currently in charge of Legal & Compliance at Holcim;
  • Health and Safety, Sapna Sood, currently in charge of Health and Safety at Lafarge.
  • The biography of Christof Haessig (pdf, 38.34 KB)
  • The biography of Alexandra Rocca (pdf, 38.4 KB)
  • The biography of Xavier Dedullen (pdf, 37.83 KB)
  • The biography of Sapna Sood (pdf, 37.1 KB)