Lafarge manufactured sand for natural resource preservation

How to source quality sand when natural resources are scarce? Use Lafarge reconstituted sands, which offer quality and fineness equivalent to natural sand. Manufactured everywhere, they can improve the strength of concrete. An ideal solution for homes, bridges and roads that last longer and are environmentally friendly. In short, for more sustainable and durable cities!


On a global scale, natural alluvial sand is becoming an increasingly rare and difficult-to-access resource. To preserve it, an alternative solution is Lafarge manufactured sands, produced by crushing rocks.


They have numerous advantages:

  • They are as fine and regular as natural sand.
  • Like natural sand, they offer constant and controlled quality to guarantee reliability.
  • They increase the compressive strength of concrete by 3 to 5%.
  • They can be produced in numerous countriesfacilitating supply in areas where natural sand is scarce.

Depending on how finely they are ground, they can be used for:

  • road surfacing (the coarsest),
  • bricks,
  • concrete blocks,
  • cement.


Thanks to their mechanical properties, the finest sands can also be used in the composition of concretes, including high performance products.