Management compensation

The Lafarge Remunerations Committee proposes management and directors compensation corresponding to developments in the market. The Group systematically informs shareholders of the criteria used to set the compensation of corporate officers.

  • Regulatory information - Bruno Lafont's compensation (pdf, 297.59 KB)
  • Regulatory information - Bruno Lafont's compensation (pdf, 80.56 KB)
  • Regulatory information - Status of Eric Olsen (pdf, 39.91 KB)
  • 2015 Compensation - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 74.37 KB)
  • 2015 exceptional compensation in the context of the merger with Holcim - Chairman and CEO (pdf, 219.01 KB)
  • 2014 compensation - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 38.77 KB)
  • 2014 long-term incentive - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 61.16 KB)
  • 2013 compensation - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 46.71 KB)
  • 2013 long-term incentive - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 54.39 KB)
  • Maintaining rights under the "Long term incentive" - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 63.05 KB)
  • 2012 compensation - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 45.28 KB)
  • Stock options and performance shares granted in 2012 - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 54.45 KB)
  • Performance shares granted in 2011 - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 61 KB)
  • Stock options granted in 2011 - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 53.78 KB)
  • 2011 compensation - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 45.28 KB)
  • Stock options granted in 2010 - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 44.75 KB)
  • 2010 compensation - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 40.7 KB)
  • 2009 long-term incentive - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 11.64 KB)

Management compensation - Implementation of the Afep-Medef recommendations

  • Decision to maintain Mr Bruno Lafont's employment contract (pdf, 50.56 KB)
  • Decisions relating to the recommendations - as of February 19, 2009 (pdf, 26.08 KB)

Severance arrangement of the Chairman and CEO

If, before his employment agreement is terminated, Bruno Lafont were once again to receive the benefits of his employment agreement after his term of office as CEO, in the event of dismissal (for any reason other than serious misconduct or gross negligence), he would receive contractual severance compensation, the conditions of which have been reviewed by the Board in order to take into account the Afep-Medef's recommendations on the subject.
Such severance compensation would therefore be due only insofar as all terms were fulfilled:

  • The 1st condition is the event giving rise to the right to severance compensation.
  • The 2nd condition is performance-based.

Detailed information on this benefit and the corresponding authorisations from the Board of Directors can be found on pages 109-121 of the 2014 Annual report (Document de référence), available on this website and on the A.M.F.’s website.


Compensation and benefits (2014 annual report) (pdf, 183.08 KB)


Programmed trading mandate

Taking into consideration the Recommendation No. 2010-07 of the "Autorité des Marchés Financiers", Mr. Bruno Lafont signed on August 1st, 2014, a programmed trading mandates covering the exercise of his stock-options granted in 2004.


Programmed trading mandates - Bruno Lafont (pdf, 42.54 KB)