Malaysia - Lafarge Angels project to boost diversity


In line with Lafarge’s Sustainability Ambitions 2020, Lafarge Malaysia has recruited a team of deaf people for its Customer Care department.



  • Change mindsets through the integration of disabled people in the business.    


In collaboration with the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD), Lafarge Malaysia has recruited a group of employees with hearing impairments to assist the Supply Chain, called "Lafarge's Angels". Their main task is to process dispatch notes to ensure on time collection of payment from customers.

The MFD not only recommended potential candidates but also sent a Sign Language Translator to facilitate communication during the interview process.  


Lafarge's "Angels" initially started working on a number of basic tasks and progressively, as they demonstrated a high level of motivation and discipline in completing their work, shouldered more responsibilities and were selected to work on more complex analytical reporting, adjustment processes and GPS monitoring work.    


Today, the "Angels" team has grown to 7 members. The project has been such a success that employees wish to learn basic sign language to better communicate with their deaf colleagues.