Lower carbon cements

Cements with less clinker and less CO2 emissions, but with high level mechanical performance and great workability: this is the combination provided by our lower carbon footprint cements. Not to mention they also improve the long-term strength of concrete for constructions, buildings and infrastructure that last longer!


All around the world, Lafarge offers ranges of cements with lower CO2 emissions compared with traditional cements. These multi-component cements contain less clinker, whose production is responsible for a large proportion of cement's carbon footprint. As a substitute, they incorporate by-products from other industries, such as slag from steel production or fly ash from coal-fired power plants.


Lafarge lower carbon cements also have high mechanical performances, often combined with specific workability qualities. When incorporated into concretes, they improve their long-term resistance compared with that of traditional concretes.

They can be used in all types of constructions and infrastructure including large structures with very specific requirements, such as:

  • stadiums,
  • bridges & footbridges,
  • dams,
  • skyscrapers.