Local performances

The Group applies its sustainable development values on a daily basis. This commitment was recognized in 2011 by various independent organizations and professional associations.


A major player in sustainability

Committing to employee health and safety, constructing sustainably, preserving the environment, supporting local stakeholders, etc. All these values are promoted daily by the actions and work of employees who place sustainable development at the heart of the Group's strategy.

In 2011, the Group's sites were granted over 100 external awards in sustainable development. The Group also made a difference with:

  • its ranking in the Carbon Disclosure Project - it is ranked 10th worldwide and 1st in the "Materials" category;
  • its A+ grade granted by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) for its sustainability reporting;
  • the transparency of its financial communications to shareholders, for which it received Boursoscan's award.

All prizes awarded in 2011 (pdf, 801.57 KB)


Biodiversity Awards

Awarded for their efforts in preserving ecosystems, and particularly in rehabilitating quarries:

  • Canada,
  • France,
  • United-Kingdom.

In addition to these awards, North America received 43 Wildlife Habitat Council certifications.


Communities Awards

Awarded for their support and aid programs towards the development of local communities:

  • Canada,
  • Indonesia, for its access to drinking water program,
  • Nigeria,
  • the United-Kingdom, for their initiatives in education in particular,
  • the United-States, for their initiatives in education in particular,
  • Ukraine.

Health & Safety Awards

Awarded for their exemplary practices in Health & Safety (procedures, initiatives...) and their excellent performance:

  • France,
  • Greece,
  • India,
  • Jordan,
  • the United-Kingdom, for its road safety program in particular.

And for their training/awareness program:

  • the United-Kingdom,
  • the United-States.

Environmental Performance Awards

Awarded for their outstanding results in preserving the environment:

  • Canada, particularly for the management of its dust and pollutants emissions,
  • France,
  • Malaysia, particularly for the reduction of its carbon footprint,
  • Romania,
  • Russia,
  • the United-Kingdom, particularly for the management of its CO2 emissions,
  • the United-States for their comprehensive environmental management system - managing emissions, water, waste, preserving biodiversity...

In addition to these awards, France received the ISO 9001 certification for 80 quarries and the ISO 14001 certification for 8 sites.


Industrial Performance and Innovation Awards

Awarded for their performance and the quality of their products:

  • Canada,
  • the United-States.

France was also rewarded for its product innovation in individual homes building.


Working Life Awards

Recognized as "Best places to work":

  • Brazil,
  • Spain.

Awarded for respecting freedom of association and promoting the right of collective bargain and social dialogue by Vigeo, the European leader in extra-financial rating:

  • Morocco.