Kenya: a successful road safety program

Since 2006, Lafarge has established a wide-ranging road safety program in Kenya, in close collaboration with its subcontracted road transporters.



  • Achieve zero fatal road accidents
  • Become the leader in road safety



In Kenya, an average of 3,000 people die each year on the road, particularly as a result of a lack of regulations and insufficient training for drivers. In order to tackle fatal accidents during the transportation of its products, in 2006 Lafarge Kenya launched a wide-ranging road safety training program for its subcontracted road transporters.


Founded on 15 key actions, the program is based on three pillars:

  • The strong commitment of subcontracted road transporters: in the early stages of the program, Lafarge and its subcontractors drew up a risk map and set up objectives to reach as well as means to reach them. A meeting is held monthly to review the progress achieved.
  • Management of subcontracted drivers: raising drivers' awareness of this issue is key to the program's success. Lafarge therefore certifies its drivers after preventive driving lessons and a two-day training course. Our local then makes sure that only accredited drivers are on the road.
  • Vehicle management: all trucks are systematically checked before being loaded. They are also fitted with a GPS system to track movements and drivers' behavior.


A road-safety communications campaign was launched at the same time both internally – for employees and subcontractors – and externally, to raise awareness among all road users.



The program has raised awareness on road safety among employees. Going further, Lafarge has developed a road prevention policy in collaboration with the Kenyan government.