Jordan - Reducing both fugitive dust and water consumption


Cement / Jordan

Lafarge's cement plant in Fuhais, Jordan installed water sprinklers to reduce dust emissions inside the facility. The new equipment also optimized the use of water in this arid region.



  • Control fugitive dust
  • Minimize air pollution
  • Reduce water consumption


The Fuhais plant in Jordan faced a twofold issue:

  • First, it wanted to reduce the dust caused by the crushing and storage of pozzolana and gypsum, both used as additives in cement
  • Second, the plant was looking for a smart way to lower its use of water


The Jordanian teams managed to kill two birds with one stone by implementing a water fogging system. First, the old and heavily water-consuming water spraying system was removed. As a replacement, water nozzles were installed on the hopper of the crusher and inside the storage zone.

With this fogging system, high pressure pumps spray a ‘mist' of water through the small orifice on the water nozzles, onto the dust emitted by the crushing and storage of pozzolana and gypsum. The water weighs down the dust particles to form agglomerates. Due to their weight, these agglomerates settle to the ground instead of being carried across the plant, significantly reducing dust emissions. As an added advantage, this new system also requires significantly less water.


  • Fugitive dust emissions in the pozzolana crusher area were cut by nearly 100% and in the pozzolana storage facility by 90%.
  • The visibility on the worksite was improved and unpleasant odors reduced, thus providing better working conditions.
  • Water consumption was reduced by 50%.