Our values

Corporate culture at Lafarge is built on the fundamental values of respect, trust, responsibility and autonomy.
This ethical approach is set down in a written code of action, The Lafarge Way, to inspire the actions of our employees around the world.


Respect and trust

We are committed to providing everyone with the means to succeed. In return, we encourage all employees to demonstrate their best efforts: respecting others, respecting safety and respecting local and international standards.



Lafarge encourages all of its employees to take responsibility and to develop their skills, their spirit of initiative, their creativity and their motivation.



Teamwork is part of the daily routine at Lafarge. It promotes the exchange of ideas, progress and an atmosphere of trust. It is important to share within the Group our experiences and best practices and to learn from peers.

Managers must also be concerned about the development of their employees with regular, one to one discussions. Managers are expected to be attentive and provide guidance.


Principles of Action (pdf, 149.15 KB)


Strong social commitments

The Group respects the fundamental social rights defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO), encouraging dialog with employee representatives. Thus we help to raise international social standards and develop constructive relationships with social partners. Key commitments include:

  • the abolition of child labor,
  • the elimination of discrimination in the workplace,
  • freedom of association,
  • the right to collective bargaining,
  • the implementation of minimum wages.

In 2014, 76% of the Group's business units were covered by collective agreements.

A four-way agreement concerning Group social responsibility and international social relationships was signed in September 2005. The signatories to this agreement (Lafarge and 3 international trade unions) have since held further discussions, particularly around safety.