Indonesia - Microcredit for home refurbishment

Cement / Indonesia

Lafarge's ‘Rumakhu' program offers home builders an accessible credit scheme through microfinance institutions, along with technical assistance from architects or contractor partners during construction. The objective: help them renovate or build their homes!



  • Provide affordable and complete housing solutions based on a microfinance offer to individual home builders needing to renovate or build their home
  • Generate positive social impact for local stakeholders


Lafarge's program ‘Rumahku' in Indonesia aims to provide an innovative and affordable housing solution adapted to each home owner willing to build or renovate his home.

Individual home builders can obtain a microcredit from Lafarge's banking partners. The size of the loan is approved by an architect commissioned by Lafarge, who establishes the budget and designs the construction plans.  

‘Rumahku' customers are then redirected to a network of retailers to buy Lafarge cement along with other building materials needed to build or renovate their home.

Lafarge technical experts provide advice on design and construction, thereby ensuring that customers receive assistance and support throughout their project.


Thanks to this program, over 100 houses per month are built or renovated. Since the program began in March 2012, around 4,000 people have been provided with access to decent, affordable housing.