Individual shareholders

You the shareholder, are entitled to clear, transparent information on matters such as
share price and variation and dividend performance.


Interview with Bruno Lafont

Bruno Lafont outlines the Group's main strategies: action plan 2012-2015, build strong relationships with our shareholders.


Shareholders' corner

Register to Lafarge services specially conceived for our shareholders or those keen to learn more about the Group.


Shareholders’ guide

Read about the Group, shares and dividends, share performance...


Shareholders' Club

Find out how to become a member. With exclusive services you will learn about the Group's work first hand.


Individual shareholders’ consultative committee

Lafarge implement a policy of open dialog and consultation. Through the consultative committee, individual shareholders can voice their opinions.

Annual general meeting, May 7 2014, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

Shareholders’ General Meeting

All Lafarge shareholders have the right to attend the Group's General Meetings. General Meetings allow you to be well informed, meet the management team and express your opinions about Group strategy and dividends.