India – Improving local children's IT skills with Lafarge education program

Arasmeta / Sonadih / Jojobera
Cement / India

Lafarge in India has founded computer centers where children in State schools learn in three months the basics of computer applications. Available around all Lafarge operations in India, over 12,400 students have benefited from this program.



• Enable school children to get comfortable using computer technology and familiar with basic computer software applications.


As part of its CSR education initiatives Lafarge in India partnered with a technical NGO to create computer labs for children, having identified several government schools near our operations that were in need of funding or infrastructure. These centers offer three months of free computer training that teaches children the basics of using computers.
It started several years ago at Lafarge's Jojobera cement plant and it has become very popular as it is seen as an essential development for children in today's technology enriched world. This program is now available in schools around all our cement plants in India.


Over 12,400 students have benefited from Lafarge's CSR computer program over the past six years, of which over 6,000 were girls. With computer education, children receive meaningful and relevant training which is viewed positively by the local communities as it is seen as an essential part of their development, equipping them with basic technology skills required for future jobs.