India - A reforestation program to support local biodiversity plans

Sonadih and Arasmeta

Lafarge is taking an active role in a government reforestation program in the region surrounding its Sonadih and Arasmeta cement plants in Chhattisgarh state. We have planted 70,000 saplings in partnership with the surrounding communities.



  • Promote biodiversity around our cement plants in Chhattisgarh state
  • Support the local government tree-planting initiative
  • Create local employment opportunities
  • Raise awareness amongst the local communities, particularly school children, on the importance of nature preservation


We have designed and implemented biodiversity improvements around our Sonadih and Arasmeta plants to contribute to local biodiversity plans, in particular the government-run ‘Green Chhattisgarh' program. The area around these two plants is typically very dry with limited vegetation, exposed to very high temperatures during the summer, as well as annual monsoon rains.

As part of this program, we have overseen the planting of tens of thousands of tree saplings. We have followed advice from NGOs and the local authorities on the most appropriate species:

  • robust trees with a long life expectancy, such as teak and tamarind
  • fruit trees such as mango and jackfruit.

Planting has been carried out in partnership with local communities, particularly school children, in order to raise awareness on the importance of environmental preservation.


We have planted 70,000 saplings around our plants, attracting a wide range of wildlife including monkeys, jackals and wildcats. Ponds were created to collect rainwater used during the forestation process and are now home to fish and turtles. They also attract a wide range of birdlife, including migratory birds during the winter. An annual planting program is ongoing, with the involvement of local villagers and school children. Typically, the saplings planted have an 80% survival rate.


Lafarge reforestation in India - the Biodiversity case study in details (pdf, 97.49 KB)