Hydromedia™, Lafarge’s revamped pervious concrete

Gone are the cities with roads and sidewalks covered with water during heavy rainfalls! Our new pervious concrete Hydromedia™ facilitates the flow of rainwater into the subsoil and reduces the risk of flooding in parking lots, driveways, sport grounds... Besides, it is easier to implement and stronger than ordinary pervious concrete!


Thanks to its very high permeability and drainage capacityHydromedia absorbs rainwater and facilitates its natural runoff into the ground. It also avoids saturation of the stormwater treatment network, reducing the risk of flooding. Finally, water no longer accumulates on roads and paths. This means fewer puddles, safer roads, pathways and parking lots for the city's users.


Mainly designed for use in an urban environment, it is especially well suited to :

  • low-traffic roads (cycle paths, parking lots, driveways and side walks),
  • sports pitches,
  • it can also be used as a sub-base.


Hydromedia™ offers optimum performances when incorporated into stormwater systems designed for a particular soil type.


Due to its viscous but also fluid formulation, Hydromedia™ is easier to place than existing pervious concretes. This cutting-edge technology also gives it greater robustness and greater long-term resistance.