France - Attitude Pro program to raise awareness of the risk of accidents


To achieve the target of zero fatal accidents set as part of the Group’s Sustainability Ambitions 2020, Lafarge France has developed the Attitude Pro program.



  • Change behavior on the ground in order to reduce the risk of accidents and permanently establish a shared safety culture;
  • Motivate employees and subcontractors to participate in and actively promote risk reduction.


Analysis of accidents which have occurred over recent years has enabled Lafarge France to identify critical situations responsible for most of these.

This has led our French business to develop the Attitude Pro program, with the objective of raising employee awareness of these situations and promoting safe behaviors to help avoid them. Attitude Pro is a comprehensive initiative designed to change group and individual behavior in potentially risky situations, in order to improve everyone's safety.

These internal campaigns are developed around various themes, according to the types of accidents identified during the initial analysis, for example:

  • "I get out of the firing line",
  • "I prepare my intervention and analyze the risks",
  • "I choose the correct posture and the right gestures".

Tackling one theme every three months, these campaigns require managerial involvement and active participation from all employees so that everyone can adopt the right actions and the safest attitudes. A communications kit is developed for each theme, including a film, posters, stickers, a logo, a range of practical workshops, etc.


Initially rolled out across the French Cement business, the campaign reduced the number of "near-misses" by over 40% in its launch year.  Today, now recognized and shared by employees and a benchmark for subcontractors, the initiative has been implemented across all Lafarge France's businesses.