France - Apprenticeship program to help young people into jobs


As a response to the economic crisis and the increasing difficulty for young people to find a job, Lafarge has reinforced its apprenticeship program in France.



  • Increase the employability of young people, by giving them practical skills and experience in areas where there are employment opportunities.


Lafarge in France has set up a wide-reaching apprenticeship program to help young people enter the job market, as the combination of work and training is one of the most effective ways of helping people to enter the workplace. 

Suitable candidates are selected by the human resources department together with the different sites and a contract is signed between the candidates, their schools and Lafarge. A tutor is assigned to each trainee, responsible for their on-the-job training during the year. The tutor is in regular contact with the trainee's school and with human resources and there is a structured process in place for evaluating the trainee during and at the end of their placement.


The program now involves 260 people annually, or 4.5% of Lafarge's workforce in France. 30% of the apprentices find permanent employment with Lafarge.