The fairy tale of a border point Germany-Poland

In Görlitz, a 55,000-people city located in Eastern Germany, the banks of the Neisse River will never be the same again. The long-standing textile mill has disappeared and has been transformed into a one-hectare green riverside park. The shadow of the old plant can still be seen by imaginative eyes: the park's concrete slab paths wind through like sheets of fabric and as a reminder of the Görlitz's long weaving tradition.


To achieve this metamorphosis, we used our best "magical trick": Lafarge special cement type Optacolor®. Its bright colour and good processability, made it possible to produce the textile design of the slabs!


Their manufacturing was no easy task: they featured 18 different motifs from historic textile manufacturing with intricate structures, while the slabs without motifs required a smooth and slip-resistant surface. Overall, the manufacturing of the 1,200 square meters of concrete slabs required 130 tonnes of Optacolor® cement.


The construction of the path began in March 2012. The city of Görlitz has invested over €800,000 in the construction of the new waterfront park, which is set to be inaugurated in 2013.


Inhabitants of Görlitz will enjoy a greener city and visitors can stroll on the "sheets of fabric", relax on benches along the Neisse and enjoy the park.