Energy & Mining

To meet the global demand for energy and raw materials, your company needs to build safe, reliable, cost-effective and high-performance infrastructure, while also working to extend life cycles for thermal and nuclear plants, dams, mines and wind farms. Lafarge is your partner for successful and sustainable projects, delivered on time and within budget. You can rely on our experience in mines and energy from the design phase onwards and on an international scale, and on our materials solutions specifically-designed for mining and energy projects.


Lafarge solutions for energy & mining



The mining industry faces numerous challenges internationally and often in remote locations. These operational stakes include safety, environmental requirements, project development planning, operations and remediation.

Lafarge serves mining companies worldwide including in booming areas like Canada and Africa. Our expertise is fuelled by our 40 years of experience in mining more than 400 aggregates quarries worldwide.  

Through a partnering approach at all the phases of the mine development, we offer the widest range of solutions, from shaft construction and backfill to mine closure.

We also provide you with the safe, responsive and professional approach of the cement industry leader.


Energy and Renewables

Energy fundamentally fuels our economies. From windmills, thermal power plants, dams and gas pipelines to solar towers and nuclear plants, materials play a major role in securing on-time energy infrastructure projects and sustainable long-term operations.

From the project design phase through execution, Lafarge partners with you to select the most effective materials solutions for your energy projects. By doing so, we help our customers save time, stay within budget and ensure sustainability and public acceptance for new and lifetime extension projects.

You also benefit from the safe, responsive and professional approach of the cement industry leader.