Emphasizing mobility

At Lafarge we encourage geographical and professional mobility. International assignments, internal promotions or simply a change of role... We value your personal and professional development.


Make your own career

There is no such thing as a pre-determined career path at Lafarge! Everyone builds their own rich and diversified career portfolio. Whether it is a question of geography, hierarchy or professional development, you hold the keys to your success!

A sustainable career can be built by belonging to a profession, developing skills appropriate to each role you occupy, and having the interest and determination to follow the professional path you choose.
We don't set rules about the length of time you should spend in a given role. Depending on the profession, the amount of time needed to achieve a high level of performance and expertise can vary.

12% of our executives already have international experience. This proportion is expected to double over the next five years. A number of options also exist if you are looking to change jobs.


A range of ways to boost your career

The Group is committed to total transparency concerning job vacancies. Employees have access to internal job offers for all countries thanks to the "Job Center", available on the intranet.
You'll also enjoy opportunities to talk openly with the Human Resources department and your manager. These discussions will help you regularly evaluate your professional progression.
Assessment and self-assessment tools can be a useful way to understand your managerial aptitudes, behavioral skills and employment preferences!


Changing direction

At Lafarge, it's not unusual for a Spanish operational manager to become a branch manager at the French headquarters, or for an engineer to take charge of a Human Resources department. Transversal links between professions are strongly encouraged and Lafarge offers training to ensure transfers run smoothly.