Egypt – Lafarge volunteers clean up a local neighborhood in Cairo



As part of a local development program in a neighborhood close to Lafarge's plant in Egypt, a regular clean-up and beautification program has been introduced that allows Lafarge volunteers to contribute to more pleasant surroundings for the local population. This has also helped to ensure closer relations with local stakeholders such as NGOs and local authorities.



  • Support the long-term development of a working-class suburb of Cairo where many Lafarge employees live
  • Give inhabitants the resources to shape their future
  • Involve employees in a sustainable development program which affects them


Lafarge in Egypt has developed the Let's Build It Together program to support local communities and in particular a working-class suburb of Cairo where many of our employees live. Following a survey of the local population, waste collection was identified as one area in which Lafarge could contribute to improving quality of life. While existing waste management systems exist in the area, the aim was to encourage the local inhabitants to play their part in keeping their neighborhood clean, through clean-up and beautification days involving Lafarge employees.

A first such event was organized, involving Lafarge volunteers and their families, several hundred local residents and representatives from local NGOs. Following the success of this event, clean-up and beautification sessions are now organized every weekend and today help to ensure cleaner, more pleasant surroundings for the local population.


The clean-up and beautification program launched by Lafarge in this local suburb has become a weekly event that both helps to improve quality of life and strengthen ties between Lafarge and the local community. It has fostered community dialogue and a sense of ownership. It has also increased community commitment to other long-term projects.