Egypt - An educational campaign for road safety


Human errors are at the origin of more than two thirds of the total number of accidents in Egypt. Lafarge therefore decided to raise awareness among local stakeholders - schoolchildren, youngsters and drivers - about road safety through different campaigns focusing on human behavior.



  • Educate school children on road safety;
  • Address drivers' attitude issues to raise awareness on the reasons for car accidents;
  • Prepare qualified future drivers.


Lafarge Egypt has emphasized the need for a long term road safety strategy in a country that suffers from car accidents by launching a road safety educational campaign targeting school children, young people and drivers.

A number of initiatives have been set up:

  • In partnership with a local NGO(Egyptian Association for Road Traffic Victims), Lafarge Egypt created a daily TV cartoon series under the name of "Essam & Genie" aired on the main Egyptian TV channels. This one-minute program illustrates different road safety tips, explaining the dangers and raising awareness on the basics of road safety in order to start shaping more responsible attitudes on the road.
  • A number of communication campaigns have been run for young people and drivers, such as "Focus & pay attention", "Drugs" - explaining their contribution to road accidents - and "Put on your seat belt", etc.
  • We have also launched the "Lafarge Safety Academy" which aims to spread a road safety culture among the local population, by organizing activities on roads, motorways or toll stations. Some of these initiatives have been developed by Lafarge employees themselves.


The project has so far involved 500 teachers and helped to raise awareness among 50,000 pupils in 26 schools. The program has received national recognition: the "Essam & Genie" Lafarge series was recognized by the National Center for Culture and Innovation, a subsidiary of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, as the best cartoon idea for 2011.