Lafarge asphalt solutions with high environmental added value

In North America, our asphalt solutions Duraclime® (based on aggregates) and Duracycle® (using recycled materials) provide excellent durability even in harsh weather conditions, and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases throughout the life of the road. A good way to make cities better connected while preserving the environment!


The Lafarge Research Center is developing innovative road construction solutions offering cutting-edge environmental performance. Lafarge markets these high value-added products in North America:

  • Duraclime®: as a result of its reduced manufacturing temperature, this aggregate-based road surface reduces fossil fuel consumption (by up to 30%) and greenhouse gas emissions (up to 30% over a lifecycle of 15 years).  It also releases less smoke and fewer odors than traditional asphalt solutions, offering better air quality and greater comfort to site workers and local residents. With its standard compactness, Duraclime® extends the lifespan of roads in temperate or colder climates.


  • Duracycle®: this is a range of hot-mix asphalt containing large quantities of recycled raw materials. Old road surfaces, sand, crushed glass, waste recovered from other industries, such as tires, railroad ballast and roof shingles are used in its composition. Results include: a reduced need for natural aggregates and greenhouse gas emissions cut by 10% over the product's whole lifespan. Without forgetting excellent performance in terms of mechanical resistance, particularly in the case of low temperatures and humidity.