DuraBric: an earth-cement solution for cities’ challenges in Malawi

To face the demand of the growing peri-urban and rural population, Lafarge Malawi launched DuraBric, a new cement binder specially formulated for use in soil-stabilized blocks. A perfect solution for affordable and environmentally-friendly housings in cities and rural zones!


In Malawi, Lafarge contributes to building more affordable and decent housings thanks to our cement binder DuraBric: this solution is an alternative to the clay brick traditionally used in construction projects and whose burning requires an important wood consumption.


DuraBric, building more affordable and environmentally-friendly housings in cities

Made of 5 to 8% cement extended with soil, DuraBric blocks offer more durable, water resistant and esthetic homes than traditional clay bricks. They are also a more environmentally-friendly solution as, unlike clay bricks, they do not require burning, a practice that has harmed the local environment through deforestation and soil degradation.


This solution was developed by our Research & Development Center in Lyon, working with our teams on the ground to meet the specific needs of the local market in Malawi.


Beyond the product itself, customers, developers and contractors have access to a complete package combining products and services:

  • consulting on formulas and soil lab analysis with the support of our R&D Center,
  • a training program on block-making,
  • block-making machines.


DuraBric’s distribution is provided by a network of containers around the country and allows users to quickly access the product.


DuraBric has so far been used in the construction of a school in the city of Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi and will be used for an affordable housing project called Maziko, which aims to help reduce the acute shortage of formal housing in the country, to respond to the 4.7% urbanization rate. The program targets urban and peri-urban dwellers owning pieces of land, who will be supported to build houses using DuraBric blocks. These pre-designed houses, which can be completed in 15 to 25 days, will be 20 to 40% cheaper than conventional homes.