Evolution of dividend over recent years and dividend bonuses: explained in full.


How do I receive a dividend?

All shareholders (bearer and registered) receive dividends.


To receive a dividend, you must hold Lafarge shares on the day before the ex-dividend date.
The dividend payment is scheduled on May 12, 2015*, on the basis of 2014 profits (ex-dividend date: May 8, 2015).

* Subject to AGM approval scheduled on May 7, 2015.


Increased dividends: a bonus for loyalty!

Lafarge shares registered (pure or managed) for at least two years on December 31st have benefited, since 1999, from a 10% increase in the dividend. The two year period providing entitlement to this dividend increase runs from January 1st of the year following the year in which the shares are registered. The number of shares eligible for this increase may not exceed 0.5% of the corporate capital, for a single shareholder, on the date the corporate accounts are closed for the financial year in question. The increased dividend is sometimes called a "loyalty bonus".

Dividends paid since 2010

Fiscal year Number of shares Dividend paid during the last 5 fiscal years Dividend payment date
2010 286,453,779 dividend 1.00 July 6, 2011
loyalty dividend 1.10
2011 287,247,518 dividend 0.50 July 6, 2012
loyalty dividend 0.55
2012 287,255,502 dividend 1.00 July 5, 2013
loyalty dividend 1.10
2013 287,365,397 dividend 1.00 July 4, 2014
loyalty dividend 1.10
2014 287,541,684 dividend 1.27 May 12, 2015
loyalty dividend 1.39
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Latest financial publications

Latest financial publications

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